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About the Foundation Unit

F1 and F2 children work together in the Foundation Stage Unit supported by two teachers and four teaching assistants.   

We promote family learning – and offer support for parents and carers as we recognise the vital role you play in your child’s education.  Please come in if you have any questions, however small they may seem.  We welcome you on a Wednesday morning, until 10am  for our Stay and Play sessions, where you can see what your child is learning.

We foster strong links between the wider community and ourselves and welcome Sure Start to our school site.  Currently, the ‘Fun for All’ group for parents and carers with under 5’s meets on a Thursday morning from 9:15 to 11 for play activities up to 5 years.  See the timetable below for further activities and support.

Sure Start Timetable:

The Learning Environment

We offer a wide range of exciting and challenging facilities and resources inside and outdoors. Real, first hand experiences are engaging and motivating for young children and this is how they learn best.

We came runners up in the national ‘Communication Friendly Spaces’ award. This was for developing a learning environment that is not over stimulating (too many bright colours) and offers spaces for children that support their emotional security and communication and language skills. 

Outdoor Learning

The large, natural outdoor learning environment is upgraded with a £10000 donation from the lottery.  It features a beach, mud kitchen, forest, climbing equipment, cosy cave, growing beds, water wall, sheltered area and two rabbits! Outdoor clothing and wellies are available for all weather learning. When the children are outside they are learning just as much as inside and this is an important teaching time.

Nottingham Post Article – September 2014

The Curriculum

The curriculum is drawn from the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters.  We use the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ (see link) to support us in planning for how the children learn.  This involves an approach where children are learning through carefully planned play experiences and real life experiences such as cooking.


All children have an assessment made when they start F1 or F2.  This helps us to know what each child needs to do next.  Assessments are made using informal observations of the children.  Where children need extra support in an area, we identify this and they will take part in extra group or individual work. We track the children’s progress very carefully using the ‘Development Matters’ guidance and records of progress will be in your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ folder.


Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum –

Speech and Language Levels -

Additional Sessions (F1 children)

At Robert Mellors we are really lucky to be able to offer additional sessions, either lunch (£2.50 per session) or afternoon or morning (£12).  Just speak to a member of the office team and they will make arrangements.