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Welcome to the Year 1/2 page. Mrs Kilburn's class

On this page you will find information about all the different things that are happening      in our class.


   Congratulations to all the children- we won the Attendance Cup for the Autumn Term.

      Let's aim to do the same this term.

 Some things you need to know:


  • PE will be on a Wednesday  and  Friday - please make sure your child has their PE kit in school for these days
  • Reading - your child will need their reading book every day - please make sure they bring their book bag in!

  • We follow the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme supported by appropriately levelled books to extend and develop the children's reading skills. The books are colour banded and matched to the child's ability.

    We have an expectation that the children read with an adult at home at least three times per week and that a comment is written in your child's reading diary. Our reading challenges allow children who read regularly at home to win books. Last year we gave away over 200 books.

      Phonics  and spelling are taught daily using Letters and Sounds alongside Jolly Phonics. 

      Year 1 children need to develop an understanding of the 2, 5 and 10 times table, as well as these Year 2 need to extend their understanding to the 3 times table.


  • Summer Term

     Our  termly letter will tell  you what's happening in our class.     Termly letter summer 18.docx    


                             Each child has a Homework Book with homework tasks. 


     Our Summer homework is based around the topic of Far Away Lands

     KS1 Homework Far away lands.docx


   Our Spring homework is based around The Fire of London

    Fire homework.docx


   Our Autumn homework is based around Let's Explore    

KS1 Homework- Let’s Explore.

This term our topic will be ‘Let’s Explore’. Over the term we would like children to attempt at least six pieces of homework. This can be their own choice from the options below.


Make a model of a moon buggy.



 You are going on a spaceship and can only take 10 things with you. What will you take?  Draw them in your suitcase. Explain why you chose these things.


Design and label a suit for an astronaut.

You are going to meet some aliens on another planet. What 10 things would you take as presents for them? Draw them in a gift box and explain why you take these things.


Be able to write the days of the week and the months of the year in the correct order.


Imagine you have discovered a new planet. Describe what you see when you land on the planet


Go to Arnold Library and read a story about space. Draw a picture of the book cover and write a book review to share with your class.  


Make a musical instrument and compose space music with it.

Write a space song to go with your music.




Make a 3D alien. Take a photo of it or bring your model to school.


Design and make a moon buggy.



Draw, paint or make a collage of the solar system.




Find out about a planet and make a fact sheet or factual poster to share with your class.


 First full week back at school and we've won the Attendance Cup well done children.