Our learning this term focuses around the topic Far away lands.

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Mrs Kilburn Year1/2  Our Topic this term is FIRE! FIRE! this will include a mock trip to London, Fire of London workshops and a visit from the local firemen

Spring Term

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Mrs Kilburn Year1/2 Autumn Term 




Let’s Explore


Mobile planetarium in the school hall

Space travel and the stars


·         Bob - Man on the Moon

·         Whatever Next Jill Murphy

·         Famous people – Neil Armstrong/

·         Tim Peake with Christopher Columbus

·         Materials – to design a space craft

·         Compass points and directional language (Google Earth)

·         Using pastels

·         Music – singing and performing, listening and discussing (Holst -  planets)

·          PE dance

·         Digital Literacy- E Safety

·         Algorithms 


· Make a spacecraft using materials from plan

· Clay aliens – 3D modelling

· Paint models.

· Peter Thorpe – space artist – with pastels

· Timeline of Space race






·      Evaluate – Spacecraft and aliens

·      Alien  Christmas performance  for parents

       Art Gallery invite parents into see art work and aliens.

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