Please look at our Planning Grids and letters so that you can see what we have planned for this term.

Overview Grid Autumn term

Objectives Grid Autumn term

Timetable Autumn term


Overview Grid Summer term


Grammar and punctuation curriculum.pdf

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Here are a few photographs from out Tudor day in school to 'kick start' our topic

The class made a great effort to come into school as a Tudor of their choice. We did lots of fun activities, baked 'ships biscuits' and ended the day with a feast. 



Have a look at our brilliant 'Danger Danger' homework.

Children had to research an endangered animal of their choice from across the world and present it in a creative way.



                 Bethany  made a game  out of polar bear facts as well as  producing                                                Tyler decided to research local animals

                                          some fantastic art work.                                                                                  and found that the hedgehog is now on the endangered list.



             Tyler made an fantastic information                                          Adanae  researched rhinos,                     Leah made her own rain forest habitat

            booklet all about elephants using his ICT skills.       she felt that strongly about the WWE cause              and an information book about each                     

                                                                                                            she decided to adopt one!                                     animal in that environment.


Some children decided to present their information in a power point.

Have a look at their impressive work.