Other stuff...


We passed cups round the class (being filled with sweets by our 'battery' and being emptied of sweets by our 'bulb' ) to demonstrate electricity flowing around a circuit.


We made volcanoes out of 2 litre bottles and mod rock! We painted them in authentic colours and prepared to have them erupt - bicarbonate, vinegar and food colouring anyone?



On our Anglo Saxon Day, we all had the chance to try on authentic chain mail and helmets! See the history page for more pictures and quotes from this great day!



Cooking club is a great way to learn new tasty and healthy recipes - mums come too! The pineapple dominated the recipe as well as this photo!


We used connecting webs to help us calculate any percentage of any number. Remember...

  • find 10% by dividing by 10.
  • find 1% by dividing by 100.

With these simple facts, the percentage world is your oyster! We also like our metaphors!