Club Information

We try to offer a range of clubs over the year. We try to make sure all year groups have access to at least 1 after school club through out the year.


Autumn Term

A number of sports clubs will be up and running from September. These include:

Girls football-Mondays Year 5/6 with Mrs Harris (Ends Oct, continues February)

Boys football-Mondays Year 5/6 with Mrs Harris (Ends Oct. continues February)

Sports Leaders-Tuesdays Year 5/6 with Mr Lindsay (Ends Oct)

Gymnastics-Tuesdays Year 5/6 with Mr Lindsay (Ends December)

Basketball- (TBC) Year 3/4 with Mr Steele

Football- Thursday lunchtimes (KS1) with Mr Emsley



Gymnastics-Tuesdays Year 3/4 with Mr Lindsay

Magical Movers KS1 with Mrs Salisbury


Summer Term

Girls Football-Tuesdays Year 3/4/5 with Mrs Harris

Kwik Cricket- Year 3/4/5/6 Tuesdays My Lindsay

Tennis-Year 3/4 -Mr Steele

Multi-Skills-MondaysYear 1 /2/3 -Mr Steele

Lego Club-F1 -Mondays -Mrs Marshall