Meet our staff/governors


Head Teacher: Susan Laplanche

Deputy Head Teachers: Kate Steel & Barbara Ross

Assistant Head Teacher: Juliet Clarke

Class Teachers
Year 6: Joe Eggleston
Year 5: Barbara Ross & Kate Steel
Year 4: Carla King
Year 3: Paul Raven and Rachel Eggleston
Year 2: Kath Kilburn
Year 1: Bhavini Shukla
Foundation 2/Year 1: Marie Harris
Foundation 2: Katie Rye
Foundation 1: Juliet Clark


SENCo and Emotional well-being teacher: Ruth Cumberland

Teaching Assistants
We have a number of teaching assistants who support specific year groups as well as offering extra targeted support across the school.

Foundation Stage: Andy Steele, Rachel Ilett, Julie Marshall, Laura Whittaker, Debi Henshaw, Gaza Asgari and Filomena Walker.

Year 1 & 2: Mandy Humphrey, Tina North, Abigail Day and Marie Carter
Year 3: Julie Williams
Year 4: Cheryl White and Jo Parr. 
Year 5: Lisa Nicholson and Julie Goodhead
Year 6: Wendy Alenson and Melanie Widgery.

Nurture Unit/KS1 : Michelle Rudkin

Office Manager: Hayley Martin
Clerical asst: Julie Bridges
Clerical suppport : Miriam Wong

Site Manager: Nigel Sharpe
Caretaker: Mick Lord (Fridays)



We have a very supportive school Governing Body. If you wish to contact a member of the Governing Body you can do so by leaving a message for them at the school office.

Chair of Governors: Barry Bexton

Vice Chair of Governors: Julie Molde

Local Authority Governors:
Councillor John Parr             Term of Office Start Date: 07/04/2015   End date: 06/04/2019
Co-opted Governors:
Barry Bexton                                            Term of Office Start Date: 07/04/2015   End date: 06/04/2019
Julie Molde                                              Term of Office  Start Date: 30/11/2016   End date: 29/11/20
Cllr Marje Paling                                      Term of Office Start Date:31/08/2015   End date: 30/08/2019
Joe Eggleston                                          Term of Office Start Date:31/08/2015   End date: 30/08/2019
Parent Governors:
Andrew Holt                                             Term of Office Start Date: 10/10/2014   End date: 09/10/2018
Julie Molde                                               Term of Office Start Date: 23/01/2013  End date: 22/01/2017
Andrea Pragnell                                       Term of Office Start Date: 14/12/2016   End date: 13/12/2020
Kathryn Keetly                                         Term of Office Start Date: 22/01/2014   End date: 21/01/2018

Staff Governors:
Susan Laplanche: Head Teacher            Term of Office Start Date: 01/01/2009   
Lisa Nicholson: Teaching Assistant         Term of Office Start Date: 07/06/2014  End date: 06/06/2018
Committee Members
The school has full two Full Governing Body meetings a term, one Strategic Development focused and the other Business and Finance orientated. All governors are members of both.
There is a separate committee convened when necessary to discuss pupil, pay or personnel matters. This consists of:
Susan Laplanche     Head Teacher and four non staff governors, one of whom must be the Chair or Vice Chair of Governors.
Register of Business Interests:
Mr Eggleston - wife works in school
Cllr Paling has links to Gedling Sports Partnership in her role as councillor.