Meet our staff/governors


Head Teacher: Susan Laplanche

Deputy Head Teachers: Kate Steel & Barbara Ross

Assistant Head Teacher: Juliet Clarke

Class Teachers
Year 6: Joe Eggleston
Year 5: Barbara Ross & Kate Steel
Year 4: Laura Wheeldon ( 4 days) and Rachel Eggleston (1 day)
Year 3: Paul Raven and Carla King

Year 2:Andrew Emsley

Year 2: Kath Kilburn
Year 1/2: Bhavini Shukla

Year 1: Chloe Harrison (4days) and Laura May (1day)
Foundation 2: Marie Harris
Foundation 2: Katie Rye
Foundation 1: Juliet Clark


SENDCo: Claire Horn

Emotional well-being teacher: Ruth Cumberland

Teaching Assistants
We have a number of teaching assistants who support specific year groups as well as offering extra targeted support across the school.

Foundation Stage: Andy Steele, Rachel Ilett, Julie Marshall, Jennifer Bailey

KS1 and KS2: 

Mandy Humphrey, Tina North, Abigail Day, Marie Carter, Laura Whittaker,  Emma O'Reilly, Filomena Walker, Julie Williams, Louise Salisbury, Michael Fairclough, Michelle Rudkin, Jo Parr, Lisa Nicholson, Julie Goodhead, Wendy Alenson, Melanie Widgery, Zoe Blacknall and Michelle Farrell.

Office Manager: Hayley Martin
Clerical asst: Julie Bridges
Clerical suppport : Miriam Wong

Site Manager: Matt Ward 



We have a very supportive school Governing Body. If you wish to contact a member of the Governing Body you can do so by leaving a message for them at the school office.

Chair of Governors:Julie Molde   (contact by writing to her via school address or leave message via school office)

Vice Chair of Governors: John Naylor

Local Authority Governors:
Councillor John Parr                               Term of Office Start Date: 07/04/2015   End date: 06/04/2019
Co-opted Governors:
Julie Molde                                              Term of Office  Start Date:  23/01/2017 End date: 22/01/2021
Cllr Marje Paling                                      Term of Office Start Date:31/08/2015   End date: 30/08/2019
Joe Eggleston                                          Term of Office Start Date:31/08/2015   End date: 30/08/2019
Parent Governors:                                   

Louise Salisbury                                      Term of Office Start Date: 21/03/17      End date: 20/03/2021 
Dawn Grabowskie                                     Term of office  Start date: 21/03/18      End date: 22/03/2022

Staff Governors:
Susan Laplanche: Head Teacher            Term of Office Start Date: 01/01/2009   
Lisa Nicholson: Teaching Assistant         Term of Office Start Date: 07/06/2018  End date: 06/06/2022
Committee Members
The school has full two Full Governing Body meetings a term, one Strategic Development focused and the other Business and Finance orientated. All governors are members of both.
There is a separate committee convened when necessary to discuss pupil, pay or personnel matters. This consists of:
Susan Laplanche Head Teacher and three non staff governors, one of whom must be the Chair or Vice Chair of Governors.
Register of Business Interests:
Mr Eggleston - wife works in school