Foundation Stage

Understanding of the world develops as children take notice of everything around them including places and all the things within them such as trees in the natural environment and roads and traffic in the built environment. Finding out about places begins initially when a child learns about their own home and the things nearby, then later as children notice things on journeys to and from home – such as the sequence of the traffic lights or names on street signs. This awareness is extended by visiting places and finding out about different elements of environments in books, on TV and through using other technology. This aspect also focuses on learning about cause and effect and is developed through having conversations with adults and other children about the things they observe.


 In Foundation Stage, this is reflected in the way the children will begin to be familiar with the school environment as well as bringing knowledge about their home environment and where they live.  Trips to the local area, such as the library and the park, offer the children real experiences.  Use of photographs of the local area are displayed in the classroom.   These experiences will then be extended as children show an interest, for example, in building their own roads with the large blocks.  


Key Stage One Scheme of Work

Key Stage 2 Scheme of Work