We recently received a letter from a former pupil – see copy of letter below. It is lovely to hear from former members especially about the history of the school and what pupils have gone on to do since they left.


Good morning madam Head

I wonder if you might be interested in an historical snippet: I attended Robert Mellors Secondary boys’ school between 1955/9; the cane marks have faded!

In those days the aim was to provide a basic education for boys who had failed the Eleven Plus, preparing them for the trades and labour market. Happily I managed to claw my way beyond that.

We had our own printing press, quite a professional piece of equipment really, which was used to produce documents for general educational use, plus such things as award certificates for sporting achievements etc. One such item was a poetic anthology, a copy of which I still have in very good condition. A prized possession, I have to say and I can still recite much of it by heart.

Poetry was considered an important part of our heritage and included in the limited English Literature curriculum.

The main reason I am bringing this to your attention is that my anthology is probably unique; the possibility of my peers having retained a copy is remote.

If it would be of interest, I could send you a copy of the cover, the notation on the inside leaf together with school logos, dates etc., there would be little point in copying the works since they are all readily obtainable.

I am seventy-four now and in retirement in the Lake District but one cannot forget ones roots you know?

Finally, congratulations upon attaining academy status and I hope this leads to continued success.

Very best wishes

Paul Mayers


Paul has since sent us a copy of the cover of his anthology which we have attached below.

Poetry Anthology

We are hoping that Paul will be able to visit school when he is next in Nottingham.