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Dear Parents/carers

It gives us great pleasure that on May 1st 2018 we welcomed Robert Mellors Primary and Nursery School in to the Redhill Academy Trust. We look forward to working with your Head Teacher, Susan Laplanche and her staff to continue to get the very best for all our children. As an excellent school, Robert Mellors will play a leading role in the development of the Trust’s primary education offer. Mrs Laplanche and her team will also be working very closely with their secondary and primary colleagues to ensure that our students will be able to benefit from a 2 to 18 education offer, quite unique in our local area. These are exciting times for the Trust and we look forward to even better outcomes for all our students now that we have Robert Mellors on board.

Andrew Burns
Executive Principal
Steve Hopkins
Redhill Academy Trust

The Redhill Academy Trust has four principles that guide everything our academy aims to achieve:

  • High expectations of all pupils
  • Valuing and celebrating academic achievement
  • Outstanding teaching for all pupils
  • Widening pupils’ experiences through a range of extra-curricular activities including sports and the performing arts

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