Healthy Families Team information

Notts Healthcare’s Healthy Family Teams provide advice and support to children, young people and families.

As part of that service, we now have 3 websites that have lots of information and advice along with details of local services and support:

We also have social media channels that we would welcome new followers:

Twitter: @NottsHFT

Instagram: @nottshealthyfamilyteams

Beating Your Worries 

A great resource to look at to help manage anxiety – lots of useful tips and ideas

Anxiety Resource Pack

A useful resource to support with your child if they are showing signs of anxiety.

PARENT RESOURCE LINK BELOW for support and advice re mental health.

If you would like a printed copy please ask the office if they can supply one.

South Nottinghamshire Parent Resource Pack

Who and what is this booklet for?
Mental health, just like physical health, is something we all have, and looking after it is important to make sure we keep ourselves and our loved ones happy and healthy. This booklet has been put together to help parents & carers in Nottinghamshire find support and information on how to support your own and your child’s emotional and mental health and wellbeing. In this booklet you will find tips and suggestions for you and your child, as well as links to useful webpages and details of local and national services that may be of help.
Who put this booklet together?
This booklet has been put together by Nottinghamshire County Council and leading children and young people’s mental health charity YoungMinds


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