Head Teacher: Mrs Emma Essex

Deputy Head Teachers:  Mrs Kate Steel, Mrs Barbara Ross, Mrs Juliet Clark

SENDCo: Mrs Juliet Clark


Designated Safeguarding Leaders

Mrs Emma Essex

Mrs Juliet Clark

Mrs Jo Parr


Class Teachers

Year 6: Mr Joe Eggleston

Year 5: Mrs Barbara Ross & Mrs Kate Steel

Year 5: Mr Andrew Emsley

Year 3/4: Miss Zoe Webb

Year 3/4: Mr Paul Raven and Mrs Carla King

Year 4: Miss Megan Barber

Year 1/2: Mr Joe Gellion

Year 1/2: Miss Laura May

Year 1: Mrs Marie Harris

Foundation 2: Mrs Katie Heathcote

Foundation 1: Mrs Juliet Clark

SENDCo: Mrs Juliet Clark

Child & Family Pastoral Support: Miss M Gillespie

Emotional well-being teacher: Miss Ruth Cumberland

PPA teachers: Mrs Laura Huskinson, Mrs Rachel Eggleston

Teaching Assistants

We have a number of teaching assistants who support specific year groups as well as offering extra targeted support across the school.

Foundation Stage: Andy Steele, Rachel Ilett, Julie Marshall, Jennifer Bailey, Meg Green, Sarah Willett, Filomena Walker

KS1 and KS2:

Abigail Day, Marie Carter, Laura Whittaker, James Ross, Julie Williams, Louise Salisbury, Michelle Rudkin, Jo Parr, Lisa Nicholson, Julie Goodhead, Wendy Alenson, Zoe Blacknall, Jack Marsh,  Michelle Farrell, Hannah Frankton-Lees, Vicki Wood



Office Manager: Hayley Martin
Clerical asst: Julie Bridges
Clerical asst: Miriam Wong



Site Manager: Matt Ward


Governing Body Information

Chair of Governors: Mr David Maddison
To contact the Chair of Governors, please address an email for his attention to: 
Governor responsible for Safeguarding: Mr Andrew Holt

Committee Members
The school has full two Full Governing Body meetings a term, one Strategic Development focused and the other Business and Finance orientated. All governors are members of both.

There is a separate committee convened when necessary to discuss pupil, pay or personnel matters. This consists of:
Emma Essex, Head Teacher, and three non staff governors, one of whom must be the Chair or Vice Chair of Governors.

Our Governing Body membership:
Mr David Maddison – Chair of Governors
Mrs Nicola Liburd – Vice Chair of Governors (voted at LAB meeting 30.11.21)
Mrs Emma Essex – Headteacher
Mr Andrew Holt – Community governor (Safeguarding governor)
Mrs Dawn Grabowski – Parent governor
Mrs Louise Salisbury – Staff governor
Mr Joe Eggleston – Community governor

Register of Business Interests:

Mr Eggleston – wife works in school
Louise Salisbury works as a TA at the school

Governor Documents