Religious Education for All

Agreed Syllabus

Progression Grid


 Arnold Methodist Church

Our school has a link with The Arnold Methodist Church which children visit to support and reinforce the workthey do in RE.

Visits include involvement in Christmas and Easter workshops, looking at Christian symbols and exploring the inside of the church.



The minister comes to school to lead some of our hall meetings.


The older children are provided with information about Boy’s and Girl’s Brigade and are offered the opportunity to try a session.

Salvation Army 


Year 5 make a visit to the SalvationArmy to learn about the life of William Booth and the work of the Salvation Army.


Harvest Festival and The Beacon

The children learn about helping the community in our yearly Harvest Festival when we collect food to donate to the local food bank which is linked to the Beacon a local community project. Someone from the Beacon joins us and explains to the children how the donations are used.